National Mental Health Month

May is observed as mental health awareness month, throughout the month of May Stack employees will be sharing personal stories and tips about how we combat mental health issues at work.

Mental health affects everyone:
1 in 5 adults suffer from a mental health condition (National Alliance on mental Health,  2015).Only 42% of adults with a mental health condition receive services and treatment (National Alliance on mental Health,  2014).69% of employees say work is the source of their stress (American Psychological Association, 2009).51% of employees said that stress makes them less productive (American Psychological Association, 2009).Depression causes 200 million lost workdays per year (CDC,  2003). The estimated cost to employers for employees missing workdays due to depression is between 17 million and 44 million dollars per year (CDC,  2003). Every three months people with depression miss and average of 4.8 workdays (CDC, 2001). 

Common Mistakes You Make at Your First Job

Being Late
Never show up to work late, especially during your first few months at a new job. Plan accordingly, give yourself a 20 minute window for traffic or unexpected issues with your commute.

Not asking questions
Don't be afraid to ask questions, it shows that you care about your work and are curious. Don't be ashamed if you don't know how to do someting.

Spending too much time on your phone Avoid using your phone at work. Get a fitbit, apple watch or direct your text messages to your computer— only answer ones that need your immediate attention.

Using Social Media on the companies dime & computer 
Unless its your job to be on social media for the company, avoid getting distracted. Wait until you get home.

Not going the extra mile 
Bosses like to see new employees take initiative— tackle more responsibility or offer to help out a co-worker, it shows you care and will help your career long-term.

Dressing too causal 
Dress for success. ALWAYS do your best to look put toge…

What Career Should You Pursue?

Take this Buzzfeed quiz just for fun! 

If you are serious about career assessments, check these ones out:

Myers-Briggs Type IndicatorThe Princeton Review Career QuizThe Big Five Personality Test Keirsey Temperament Sorter

Stack at SHRM

Wynbi recently traveled to Las Vegas to participate in SHRM’s Talent Conference as an exhibitor to showcase Stack- a resume sorting tool. With the overwhelmingly positive response to our newest software Stack, we decided to share our findings with our users.
Did you know that an average job opening attracts 250 resumes?(Glassdoor) That’s a lot of resumes! Stack ranks and analyzes those resumes so you don’t have to.
Recruiting software is most attractive when it can directly integrate with a company’s current system. Stack has recently partnered with Greenhouse, Bullhorn and Workable. We are growing our partnerships every day!
HR professionals are a jack-of-all-trades. Doing everything from recruiting to onboarding to ensuring employee satisfaction. Stack supports the recruitment process by providing a detailed candidate analysis report to pinpoint which candidate most closely aligns with the job description.

Everyone makes mistakes—not everyone makes it right.

Apologize Immediately. Apologize while the event is still fresh. Make sure you actually use the words “I’m sorry” and reference the mistake you made. If you’re apologizing face-to-face be conscious of your body language; apologizing with your arms crossed sends mixed signals.

Own up to your mistake. Take responsibility and avoid excuses, admit you were wrong and be genuine. Stay away from words like “but” or brushing the blame of on them by apologizing for the way your actions made them feel.

Fix it. Offer a solution or promise that it will never happen again, and make sure it doesn't happen again.

Learn from your mistake. Take some time to reflect and evaluate why you made the mistake and learn how not to make the same mistake twice.

Tips for being less distracted by your phone at work

We have all been there. A deadline for a huge project is coming up, but that group text with your friends is blowing up your phone.

Here are some tricks to help you be more productive:
Set your phone to a do not disturb auto reply: "I'm working, but will text you back around 5pm."Leave your phone at home, in your purse or give it to a co-worker. It can wait.Purge your phone's unnecessary apps and hide your social media to avoid temptation—better yet uninstall the apps you're abusingSilence or turn your phone off.

Networking Icebreakers

Networking can be intimidating, here are a few suggestions to help you.
Introduce Yourself: "Hi, my name is (insert name)."Comment on the food: Is the food good, bad or is there an interesting dish you can talk about. "The chicken is delicious, I love the cream sauce, what do you think of it?"Compliment them: "I love your jacket, where did you get it?" "That drink looks delicious, what is it?"Join a group: "You guys look like you are having fun over here, mind if I join you."Find a loner: "Hi i'm (insert name), mind if I join you."